Pave Pro was established by Christopher Simms who has 25+ years experience in the construction industry, specifically, in the design and installation of hardscape surfaces (asphalt, concrete and interlock).

Starting off as a young man in the business, first at the end of a shovel, Chris steadily rose through the ranks of the concrete industry over the course of the last two decades. Put in charge of executing multimillion dollar projects, Chris excelled at staying on time and on budget.

However, over the years, Chris came to understand the frustrations of many customers who were dealing with construction companies. Determined to change the way customer service is delivered in the industry, Chris decided to set up shop and put his skills, knowledge and experience to good use. As a result, Pave Pro puts quality and service at the centre of its business strategy.

Our values are an expression of our commitment to our customers:

  • Accessibility: Be available for customers at all times, ensuring that they are provided an opportunity to voice their opinions in regard to scope of work.

  • Honesty: Be transparent about products/services being delivered and present the best possible value.

  • Collaborative: Work in partnership with customers and employees to encourage input aimed at driving quality improvement.

  • Customer satisfaction: Ensure that clients are satisfied with the products and services purchased, at minimum, fulfilling the parameters of the project to the highest of standards.

Building roads, curbs, sidewalks, driveway repair, retaining walls, drainage infrastructure and the like, Pave Pro brings all the necessary experience to execute any surface installation above and beyond customer expectations.

Pave Pro crews are fast, efficient and second-to-none with respect to detail.

To complement this construction know-how, is also vast design experience, ultimately led by the desires of the client. All designs are client-led!

Located in Whitby, our vision is to be the go-to company for exterior surface installation and service in the GTA

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