Concrete has been the preferred building material for many decades worldwide because it is the highest quality material for any walking surface.


  • Versatile: Concrete can be formed into many shapes and sizes
  • Durable: Concrete is the longest lasting surface material there is
  • Easy to maintain:  Concrete doesn’t move thus prevents weeds from spoiling the aesthetic
  • Environmentally friendly:  Concrete is virtually maintenance free and doesn’t require any heavy solvents during the construction process


Concrete porches, sidewalks and curbs all present opportunities for design enhancement, which can add to the overall aesthetic of any landscape environment – whether residential or commercial. Today, concrete finishes are incredibly versatile. Customers can choose from a variety of finishes:

  • Broom: This finish is used on commercial sidewalk for functionality only
  • Spin: applied by hand floating the concrete leaving a spin pattern for aesthetic and traction
  • Coloured: Concrete can be coloured to affect aesthetic
  • Exposed aggregate: This ornamental finish leaves 1/8 inch of pea stone exposed revealing their individual colours.
  • Jewel Stone: A cementitious material that finishes stronger than concrete. We use it to enliven plain gray porches and steps.


  • We don’t recommend stamped concrete, and instead encourage the use of other enhancements. Colour, texture and form can all be successfully used to bolster curb appeal.

  • Stamped concrete is a great looking product when first poured, however, there are maintenance requirements that are seldom applied. This causes the concrete to diminish in appearance with wear and tear. We only install concrete finishes that are customer-friendly and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Why Pave Pro?

  • Quality: Pave Pro only uses the highest quality materials available, such as freshly quarried gravel and not recycled concrete. Recycled materials are indeed less costly than quarried material, however, the risk of contamination is very high. This sort of contamination can cause stones to sink or become unbalanced.
  • Integrity: We follow all building codes and exceed the recommended compaction rate for poured concrete. All of our walkways are poured at 5” thick for maximum durability and strength against the Canadian winter.
  • Service: Our concrete crews are second-to-none and work closely with clients in order to fulfill the client’s vision.

Other concrete services


Sidewalks, driveways, curbs, garage floors, pool decks, patios/decks, retaining walls, porch overlays, foundation parging (applying material to re-face the exposed concrete foundation)

Concrete Restoration

Sometimes concrete can be less than attractive and dangerous due to age or faulty installation. Pave Pro can give your old concrete new life, bringing it back to its former glory or applying a whole new design plan.

Pave Pro only uses the best stains, textures and overlays for all of your restoration needs.

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