Don’t Let Winter Slow Down Your Projects of Installing Paving Stones

paving stones

With the snow still blanketing our roads and sidewalks, it may seem premature to begin thinking about pending projects of installing paving stones – whether it is a new asphalt driveway, an interlocking driveway, or a new concrete walkway. However, there are benefits to taking an early bird approach to these outdoor renovations.

Paving companies or hard landscape companies often get booked early, and often time in advance of the season because of the limited number of months outdoor work can be done. Typically, hardscape crews can only begin work in earnest once the ice has thawed out and the ground is no longer heavy with moisture.

Exploring your options early on can also give you more breathing room with in terms of looking at different paving companies, deciding on the scope of your project and budgeting appropriately to ensure that you get what you want out of your project. Planning is the key to success for any project. Time management, material procurement, and labour allocations take time. The earlier the better!
Pave Pro boasts many happy customers who have engaged us in various projects. We are happy to offer you a free consultation and quote for any of the following services:

· asphalt paving

· interlocking driveway/walkway installation/steps

· concrete driveway installation (we also offer stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, curbs, caps and borders)

· driveway repair (concrete or interlock refurbishment)

· interlock/concrete sealing

If you are contemplating any outdoor work this year we can help! We will guide you through the whole process.

Even if we don’t do business we like to offer our professional opinion free of charge.

We love to share our ideas as well as interpret any visions for aesthetic you desire!!!

Call now for a free consultation!

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